About REAP

REAP works in small scale farming, market gardening, agroforestry and reforestation. We promote this by offering tools for groups and individuals to become better land stewards. Our work involves education, research and development offering ideas that work with Biodynamics, Agroecology, organic IPM, Permaculture Design and treating the land as a living organism.

About Frank

Frank Holzman has spent most of his life working in various agricultural projects around the world. His book, Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming, talks about land stewardship and offers inspiration to gardeners and other horticulturists. Meanwhile, over on his blog, he talks about everything from plant biology to horticulture therapy for disabled veterans, and check out Frank's résumé.

About Tierra Sonrisa Garden

We started to develop this land in 2010 with a plan for developing it in strategic stages. The idea is to take this old abandoned hay field of primarily Bermuda and Johnson grass and create it into a balanced ecosystem that supports life and food for many. It is also being set up as an outdoor classroom.

The plan is to develop appropriate technology and demonstrate other ideas that cater to small scale sustainable farming. It starts and ends with the soil. Tierra Sonrisa Garden currently contains 50 one hundred square foot beds, about thirteen fruits, a grape arbor with 36 wine grapes, and roughly 30 to 35 different types of cut flowers (hence the name Tierra Sonrisa, "smiling earth" garden). We use agroecology, Biodynamic/French Intensive methods, Permaculture Design principles that emulate nature. WWW.Tierrasonrisagarden.com.