About Frank Holzman

Organic Horticulturalist

Sustainable Farming Consultant

Teaching and Design

579 Carlton Pointe Drive

Palmetto, GA 30268



San Mateo Community Coll. San Mateo, CA Basic horticulture and landscaping.

University of California, Berkeley 1971-1975: Agricultural Sciences

Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 1978-1979: Horticultural Sciences under Richard Merril

UC Farm and Garden Project, University of California, Santa Cruz

1979 Apprenticeship in Biodynamic/French Intensive Methods (in Alan Chadwick’s Garden)

Work Experience:

President of Recovery Eco Agriculture Project (REAP)

Sustainable Land Use, Education, Research & Development

2020 REAP Tree Planting Program. Coordinated statewide tree plantings with communities, nonprofits, colleges to regenerate land. Planted 20,000 trees.

2019 Provided horticulture therapy with barrier free gardens for disabled individuals. Worked with disabled veterans at Decatur VA Center and Enable adult center Red Oak Atlanta, GA 2019.

Tierra Sonrisa Garden www.tierrasonrisagarden.com, Chattahoochee Hills, GA

Education Research, Demonstration Market Garden, Home for REAP. Since 2010.

2008 Nicaragua, Provided Consulting on small farming projects

Atlanta: established school gardens

2006 Brasil; Established garden at an orphanage

Provided technical assistance to organic farmers.

2006: Worked with CSA in rural North Georgia providing technical assistance.

2006 Belize: taught a series of organic gardening workshops at the Belize Botanical Gardens

Worked with NGOs in various parts of country consulting Mayan farmers in transition to organic.

2004: Georgia Environmental Organization, Smyrna, GA

Provided a demonstration garden

Worked in biodynamic/French intensive techniques

Worked with children’s programs and volunteers.

2005: Costa Rica. Consulted and advised regarding organic farming projects.

2003 Cuba: Toured and provided advice to market farmers and community gardens on organic techniques.

1995 – Present: Consulting for education projects and private gardens.

1994 -1995 Mckean Rehabilitation Center: Chiang Mai, Thailand: helped develop an integrated education program for disabled children in rural Northern Thailand and taught English in the elementary school. Provided assistance in farming project.

1992 - 1993 Christ Church Of Indonesia / Pastor Putu Sabudi, Kala Paksa, Bali, Indonesia Worked as a construction assistant in a small village; laid bricks; built huts for pigs; and provided advice for area grape farmers; planted mango trees.

1992: Recovery Environmental Agriculture Project (REAP) Atlanta, GA Founded organization which advocated and taught organic gardening and sustainable farming through workshops Provided advocacy for market growers through establishing markets Taught environmental education in schools Organized state wide tree planting projects, recycling programs and miscellaneous environmental education.

1989 Albemarle Community Garden Project, Atlanta, GA Developed a community garden and education resource center in the inner city of Atlanta. Organized garden activities, taught garden workshops. Distributed food, seeds, plants and information on sustainable garden methods and provided technical advice to farmers in rural Georgia.

1983 Project Assistant, Approvecho Institute (Appropriate Technology Center) Cottage Grove, Or Ianto Evans, Director Helped establish a one acre garden that would become part of their agriculture program.

1981 Community Garden Program Director Dekalb County Coop. Extension Service / University of Georgia, Decatur, GA Organized community gardens in low income neighborhoods. Taught garden workshops in the gardens and courses in local schools. Provided consulting to residents.

1980 Staff Gardener, Ocha Food Cooperative Alameda, New Mexico Helped develop a five acre market garden for the food cooperative using French intensive methods and ditch irrigation.

1979 Research /Garden Assistant Camp Joy Gardens Boulder Creek, California Preformed research at a center for biodynamic/French intensive gardening. developed methods, conducting trials on varieties, etc.

1978 Volunteer Field Work, Farm Cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico Did farm work in exchange for room and board. Traveled throughout Mexico and Central America visiting small farms.

1976 - 1977 Landscape Gardener Self employed in the San Francisco Bay area. Designed, installed and maintained gardens and landscape for residential homes. Designed edible landscapes, herb gardens, flower gardens, etc.

1975 – 1976: Parks Gardener, City of Berkeley, CA, Parks Dept. Maintained city parks and other properties.

Replanted flower beds around city hall, medians, etc.

1973 – 1975: Landscape/Maintenance Gardener Installed and maintained gardens and landscapes in the San Fransisco Bay area.

My Areas of expertise are in small scale sustainable farming and organic horticulture. Facilitating balanced ecosystems and developing relationships between the soil and the people it provides for. Incorporating permaculture techniques along with the philosophies of biodynamics.

Other skills include, teaching, counselling, organizational, and language skills; Thai, Indonesian, Spanish.

Volunteer Experience:

2005: Worked With Local Bioneers Conference In Atlanta, Georgia

2002: Established a barrier free garden for disabled adults at a day program in Marrietta, GA, for community support services.

2000: Worked with local school children, reading to improve literacy skills through Hands On Atlanta.

1993: Worked with children with Cerebral Palsy, helping them to improve motor skills at the Irene Wortham Center in Biltmore, Asheville, NC

1993: Worked with the International Center on Deafness at Galludet University, Washington, D.C. Helped organize a seminar on deaf education. Served as a consultant for deaf foreign students wanting to develop nonprofit programs in their countries. Also took classes in American Sign Language.

1990: Helped facilitate Earth Day Programs in the southeast. Organized tree plantings throughout Georgia. Advisory on land use issues.

1985: Georgia Organic Growers Association. Provided advice to rural farmers. Helped establish certification standards for organic growers.

1976 – 1977: Center For Independent Living. Worked with disabled individuals toward reaching independence in activities of daily life. Also did attendant care for people in their homes.

1976: Worked on campaigns for united farm workers/ Cesar Chavez.

1975: Berkeley Free Clinic. Worked as a counselor in crisis and ongoing counseling services. Provided basic first aid and information to clients.

1973: Berkeley Emergency Food Project. Assisted in preparing meals for homeless people and provided counseling programs other services.