Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

REAP's tree program is established to offer people something tangible they can do about climate change that will regenerate a piece of land and make a positive impact on their community. We also offer tools for how to become better caretakers of the planet.

Here are some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the environment, as well as reduce resource costs:

  • Conserve energy. Unplug appliances. This saves 5- 10 % electricity since many appliances draw a small amount so they're "always ready" to be switched on.

  • Insulate your house. Use energy saving devices. Use the sun to heat your house and dry your clothes.

  • Avoid plastic packaging. Look for post consumer recycled packaging.

  • Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Repurpose items instead of throwing them out.

  • Vote with your dollars. Avoid big box stores.

  • Buy locally made goods. Support farmers markets. Look for food grown with regenerative methods.

  • Eat a little less meat. Eat food in season. Grow some of your food. (We can help with that!)

  • Drive less. Telecommute, car pool, walk, or use your bicycle.

  • Become more community oriented. Get involved and develop the resources of your community.